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(All Instruments)

The Jazz Combo Workshop is open to musicians of all levels and provides comprehensive studies in jazz flamenco combo playing and improvisation.

Group Clasess (Between 5 and 10 students)


To keep a high standard of quality SFGS offer group classes where the student can get a solid foundation through the stuff provided by our renowed faculty. The sutdent can interact with the teacher and other students exchanging information and points of view. .​The teacher will provided the student​: 


  • Written stuff

  • ​Audio Recordings

  • Video Recordings


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist or musician looking to take your playing to another level, here you are what you need. Group  lessons provide the opportunity to get the personal attention and sharing with others the knowledge. Here you will find all what you need to deep into your instrument and help to your musical growth.​​


Si quieres tener la máxima flexibilidad, estudia desde tu casa.

¡No lo dudes!


Price: € 

Lenght: Hours/months