From the SFGS (Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society) we are in continuously investing in top talented musicians no matter your level on the instrument.  Our staff seeks students who are creative, collaborative, and open to new ideas. 


Being part of our Flamenco Guitar programs will be a significant turning point in your musical career. You will be among some of the worlds best flamenco guitar educators in their field as well as the most talented and promising students who will be learning side-by-side with you or connected with you via online. 


Our audition and interview process provides us information to place you in the right level in order to make you feel comfortable. One of our main objectives it is to provide the best education in flamenco guitar and you to believe that the SFGS program is worth it.


SFGS (Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society) attracts the most creative young guitarists in the world who know that no other music college or institution offers such a rich diversity of people, music, and programs.


The music education faculty´s  goal is to prepare outstanding flamenco guitarists giving them the necessary tools to move forward with their instruments.

To expand your knowledge and abilities in flamenco guitar this is your place without any doubt. 


We offer a variety of programs, online and around the globe, for those who are ready to realize their full potential. We look forward to meeting you.


Applying to SFGS is a three-step process:


1.- Application


2.- Payment of Tuition


3.- Audition and Interview