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Flamenco Guitar Online lessons designed by Spanish professional Flamenco musicians

Looking for a serious program in flamenco guitar designed

by Spanish professional flamenco guitarists?



Attending a music college online could be

the perfect fit for you

Learn from the best Spanish Flamenco Guitar teachers right from your home through
Skype or Google Hangout!

Every lesson is personalized to each student. The teacher will adapt your lesson to your priorities and needs.


 Achieve goals faster with online tools that work


Video chat with your teacher from home or anywhere. With our flexible class schedule, you train at times to suit you

Quality Guitar Lessons


  • All levels from beginner to advanced


  • Guitar lessons at your own pace


  • Tailoring the lessons to your needs

Video Support


  • Submit practice videos to your teacher.


  • Get custom feedback on your playing


  • Practice the advice and get better faster

Community Alumni


  • Connect with students around the world

  • Stay motivated to progress your playing



  • Talented guitarists and instrumentalists from other countries are welcome

Because we now time is of the essence.... 

Wanna Learn Flamenco Guitar for Real? 

Are you new or an advance Flamenco Guitarist?


Then you are in the right place to learn how to play essential techniques such as Alzapua, Rasgueos, Picados, and rhythms such as Bulerías, Tangos, Alegrías in order to give you a solid foundation to build your Flamenco Guitar skills.

A series of courses for complete beginners 

and non-professionals.

Sharpen your guitar skills with over 100  interactive exercises





flamenco guitar lessons online

Each program is designed for every level. 

Start from the begining with the best quality



Our teachers have a huge experience in touring
with top ranked spanish artists.

The Courses has been designed to get the most from the students.

Learn with one of the most competitive and strongest flamenco guitar studios in the world. 

A unique and comprehensive curriculum for the serious flamenco guitarist. 

flamenco guitar lessons online

Discover a whole new world of music studying the masters

Paco de Lucia,

Vicente Amigo,




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Vicente Amigo
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Paco de Lucia
Paco de Lucia
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Online Private Lessons with your teacher


277€ / MONTH


  • Access to virtual class

  • Private Skype lessons (120 Hours)

  • Nine months

  • 3 hours a week


106€ / MONTH


  • Access to virtual class

  • Private Skype lessons (12 Hours)

  • Three months

  • 1 hour a week


From 20€ / WEEK

  • Access to virtual class

  • Private Skype lessons (1 Hour/week)

  • Customize your class pack

  • 1 hour a week

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Take your playing to another level,

here is what you need


Angel Garcia Moreno (Spain)

I only have good words for Jose Deluna as a teacher and personally. He owns a  huge ability to transmit his knowledge besides to be, fom my point of view, a restless mind, looking a new ways for the Flamenco Guitar teaching. As soon as I can I go back taking lessons with him.

Simon Andrade (Australia)

I have been having lessons with Jose for nearly a year as a part of the Diploma. They have been extremely enjoyable and my playing has changed dramatically. I feel that I understand flamenco guitar much more now and I look forward to continuing my lessons. Jose is an excellent and very conscientious teacher. He is also very patient! The Skype online lessons work very well, almost as if he is in the room with me.


Luis Maldonado (EEUU)

After finding this website I knew right away I wanted to start taking lessons with them. It's very well put together explaining all aspects of the materials and courses they cover and are very quick to answer any question you may have. Additionally, now that I have started taking lessons with José Deluna, who I can say is an amazing guitarist and instructor, I am completely happy with my decision to join and commence my studies with them. I highly recommend them.

Takis Kordonouris (Greece)

I have been having online guitar flamenco lessons with Jose Deluna the past year and the experience is fantastic! Jose is a great teacher and an exceptional flamenco guitar player! I strongly recommend him as a teacher!

Giovanni de rosa (Italy)

Hi I been take flamenco lessons over 1 year with Jose de luna he is really a good teacher and a cool guy I been learn so much I really recommend this school if u want understand flamenco from a real Spanish teacher!

Antoine Leclair (Canada)

This flamenco guitar school is super nice. I have my lessons by Skype with José and I visited Madrid for lessons in person a few times. José is a professional guitarist and really knows his trade. He is also the author of a few books. If you want to learn flamenco guitar, this is the school


Thierry nicolas (France)

(Texto original) Court très sérieux de flamenco dans une ambiance très relax. Prof sérieux et competent. Matériel vidéo , informatique , et audio fourni.0

¿Ha sido útil?


Lilo Hall (EEUU)

I live in the USA. I've been studying Flamenco Guitar for years and my husband found out about the school through a travel show. In june we traveled to Madrid to take private lessons from José Deluna. The experience was fantastic and has moved me forward rapidly. I'm enjoying weekly lessons through Hangouts with José

Mehmet Erkan (Turkey)

I strongly recommend Jose to the people who really want to understand the fundamentals of flamenco(rhythm, harmony, technic etc.). Clear curriculum and as well professional guidance for all above areas.

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