SFGS is a production company that manages and represents established professionals in the performing arts, presenting to the public a diverse range of performances and workshops that these artists offer.


We invite you to take a look at the enclosed materials in order to get a more complete idea of how the course is carry out. Should you have any questions, or if you desire further information about Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society and its artists, you may contact info@flamencoguitarsociety.com



International Relations

Antonio Blanco



Technical Director

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Welcome from the Director

From time to time you run into people across the world who has a "Flamenco" feeling when they play their instruments. Feeling music is not always a culturally conditioned response.


Flamenco music  and culture can be felt everywhere. This is the greatness of human being, the way way the connect each other by their feelings. This culture has a deep and very particular way of feeling life.


 Flamenco music and art doesn´t belong to any country but the humanity. That´s the reason why this art has been declared a Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO.


Flamenco is something else that cannot be described in words, but I can assure that it is not only music; it is more something related with the way you understand life.


Jose Deluna


SFGS-Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society


José Deluna

Flamenco Guitar  (Master Diploma)

David Durán

Flamenco Guitar  (Accompaniment)

Pablo Romero Luis

Flamenco/Classical Guitar 

Mirza Redzepagic

Flamenco Guitar 

James Stephenson

Assistant Teacher - Flamenco Guitar (Spanish language)

Sonia Cortés

Assistant Teacher - Flamenco Singing

Rafael Peral

Assistant Teacher - Flamenco Dancer

Roberto Vozmediano

Assistant Teacher - Flamenco Percusionist

Sonia Cortés

Assistant Teacher - Flamenco Singing


José Deluna


Antonio Blanco

Office Management

Vanessa Blanco

International Relations / Europe and Worldwide


International Relations / Northen and Western Europe 


International Relations / Southern Europe

Alex Blanco

Studio Recording Engineer

Angel Luis López

Photo Video Technician