Apply to SFGS    

Applying to SFGS is a three-step process:


A completed and submitted online

application form.

Payment of Tuition:

Make money order payable to The SFGS.

Bank Transfer or Via PayPal.



We will contact you in order to help you to get the most from your time and money.

Welcome to the online application for SFGS. We appreciate your interest in the School and look forward to working with you throughout the application process.


Applications are processed only after the application fee is paid. If you do not receive confirmation that your application fee has been paid  then your application has not been properly submitted and is not being processed.


If you prefer you can e-mail us and we will guide you through the admission process.


Application Form   


Cick on the PDF botton and download the form and fill it up. Once the form is filled, save it to your computer and send it to the following address:

Payment of Tuition 


Vacancies are limited. Participants will be selected in the order applications are recieved. Applicants are encouraged to apply for admission as soon as possible.




  • By Bank Transfer

  • By Paypal ​​​




Customers must make this payment without charging us the banking costs. The sum of money must be net of any expenses. The payment must be made in the currency agreed on in the transaction, please use the current account that is in the same currency as the payment. Any mistakes made in sending the money could cause delays and more expenses.


Once you have filled the application form you will recieved a link with the bank datails in case you have choosen the BANK TRANSFER OPTION.


Please return payment form by email to SFGS:



Send us an email providing us your Paypal Email Address, we will send you a Paypal Charge Request



All applicants are offered a free interview assessment designed to help the student to choose the right program and the right level. Applicants will be adviced by faculty staff (online). 


Before you can schedule your audition you must first complete your application form and the payment of tuition must be made.


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