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   Flamenco Jazz Summer Intensive 
Summer Intensive


 Summer Intensive     

The Instensive courses will held at Madrid (Spain), London (UK), Berlin (Germany) and Geneve (Switzerland). ​Beginners through advanced students are welcome. We know how challenging it is to take the first step and understand that everyone was a beginner at some point.


The course:​ The course is very intensive and focuses on the general principles of Flamenco Guitar as a accompaniment guitarist or as a Flamenco Guitar Concertist.


​It is predominantly practical in nature, and a significant proportion of your time will be dedicated to playing practice. Lectures, workshops and observation of experienced teachers take up approximately half the course time. In addition to what is essentially a full working day, most evenings you will be busy with lesson preparation, homework, and with the paralell sessions.


Price: 80€ 

Lenght: 8 Hours / 2 days


Price: 180€ 

Lenght: 20 Hours / 5 days


2017 - 1st and 2nd July

Length: 8 Hours - Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Venue: London (UK)

Fee: 120£ 

Flamenco Guitar Sessions emphasizes practical playing experience through a variety of classes, clinics, and performance activities.


Limited Vacancies. Candidates are selected strictly in order of application form reception.

To keep a high standard of quality SFGS offer group classes where the student can get a solid foundation through the stuff provided by our renowed faculty. The sutdent can interact with the teacher and other students exchanging information and points of view. .​The teacher will provided the student​:


  • Written stuff

  • ​Audio Recordings

  • Video Recordings

The Jazz Combo Workshop is open to musicians of all levels and provides comprehensive studies in jazz flamenco combo playing and improvisation.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist or musician looking to take your playing to another level, here you are what you need. Group  lessons provide the opportunity to get the personal attention and sharing with others the knowledge. Here you will find all what you need to deep into your instrument and help to your musical growth.​​


Price: 120€ 

Lenght: 8 Hours / 2 days

Maximum flexibility.

Study at home at your own pace.

We’re here to help you along your way. We invite you to take a look at the enclosed materials in order to get a more complete idea of how the course is carry out. Should you have any questions, or if you desire further information about SUMMER INTENSIVE FLAMENCO GUITAR,  you may contact us​​ . ​





SFGS (Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society) and experienced guitar faculty will provide the instruction for the program and will appear in concert and clinic formats throughout the week.




The program begins with registration. Classes, lessons, ensembles, and other related events will be conducted beginning Monday afternoon, and continuing through Friday. The program will end following a brief closing and award ceremony. Classes during the week generally run from 10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m., and Paralell activities sucsh as clinics and concerts take place in the late afternoon and evening.


The Summer Flamenco Guitar Intensive will include a class in each of the following:


Fretboard harmony–Music theory from the guitarist's perspective. Hands-on guitar training, including scales, modes, chord voicings, and chord inversions.

Style–Focused specifics of the style of your choosing (Paco de Luia, Vicente Amigo, Sabicas, Ramon Montoya, etc).

Ensemble–You and your teacher will rehearse and play with other instrumentalists and will perform in concert with your group on the last day of the program.

Visiting artists–Summer Intensive Flamenco Guitar Sessions will host several visiting artists and clinicians during the week.

Jam sessions–Open to all. Play with professional Flamenco singer and dancer. Enrolment terms and fees, visit enrolment section "Enrolment"




The Summer Intensive Courses covers diferent areas such as:​Applied Harmony – Theory in music from a Flamemco Guitar player point of view. Practical Harmony​​Technique - Include scales studies, modes, chord voicings, inversions, picados, alzapuas, apregios, etc.


Styles - We tackle the main aesthetic aspects from the main masters (Paco de Luia, Tomatito, Sabicas, etc)

​Acompaniment Guitar - How behave Flamenco Guitar when accompany a flamenco singer or dancer.​

Visits – We organize gatherings in some of the most popular flamenco places in legendary Tablaos or Peñas where most popular artists develop the careers.​

Ensemble - You will practice everything learned during the course and your teacher and you will play with other musicians, cantaor (flamenco singer), flamenco box, and flamenco dancer .





You have two alternatives for accomodation. First one is to look for accomodation by your own. There are many places in London to find an accomodation that most fits to your needs. Second option is to reserve accomodation provided by SFGS. This accomodation is highly recommendable. So in order to so you must apply to the program before June 20th and return the Reservation Advance Deposit. See brochure details for payment details. Due to limited availability, residence hall space will fill up quickly. If you are unable to secure housing in SFGS´s (Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society) residence halls and you are at least 18 years of age, contact the Office (+44)2080681724 or email us:

Any information you should need about enrolment or contents please don´t hesitate in to contact the office information.



FAQ´S  (Frequently Asked Questions)​


  • Can I get a diploma?

  • Do I need formal education in music to get in?

  • What are the requierement to get in?

  • How much experience do I need on my instrument? Etc


To answer these frequent questions please click here FAQ´s.

​​​Any information you should need about enrolment or contents please don´t hesitate in to contact the office information.