Can I get a diploma?


​Yes, you get a Certificate in Flamenco Guitar: provides a solid, intensive foundation in instrument technique, musicianship, and background in flamenco guitar performing experience.


Is SFGS (Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society accredited)?


​SFGS is an accredited member institution of the Spanish Ministry of Education.


What are the requirements to get in?


Our office information staff will answer all your questions and tell you exactly what you need to apply to any of the programs we offer. Once you have made a decision, the first step toward applying to any program is to fill out an application form. Or you can request an application by:


  • Telephone:

    • From outside Spain: (+34) 656 53 21 59.

    • From Spain: 656 53 21 59.

  • Email:


​Do I need a formal education in music to get in?


Your professor will evaluate you according to the criteria most relevant to the program you have choosen. Acceptable skill levels can be acquired through any combination of training including self-study, private study, live performing experience, online study, workshops, classes, or formal training.


​How much experience do I need on my instrument?


​An Admissions Representative will give you an idea of your level and see if your experience appears to be high enough for you to the course you apply. In some cases, they may recommend you to consider entering a different program or at a different degree level.


How much does it cost?


​Tuition fees varies by program type and length. Contact Admissions at or see the current Course Catalog for a complete description of tuition and fees


Do you have scholarships? How do I apply?

SFGS offers a variety of scholarships designed to provide tuition assistance to students during their enrollment at SFGS. For questions about scholarships, please contact Admissions at


Where are you located?


​SFGS is located in the Historic City of Madrid. The site of Madrid has been occupied since prehistoric times, as has been shown by numerous objects found during different excavations along the banks of the River Manzanares. Madrid's population was initially Iberian and later Roman.


For more information on Madrid, Student Housing, transportation, and living in Madrid, contact an SFGS Admissions Counselor

Do you have Housing or Dorms?​​


SFGS does not own housing, but the surrounding neighborhood contains many apartments and other housing options. Thousands of MI students have moved to Madrid (Spain) from all over the world and found safe, clean, convenient housing.You can also reduce costs by getting referrals for roommates who are also attending SFGS. A housing guide will be sent to you automatically upon acceptance, the Housing Coordinator will provide information before you arrive in Madrid, and during registration week you can meet potential roommates at special housing meetings


Is Madrid (Spain) safe?


​During the day, streets are crowded with tourists from all over the world, and at night a thriving club culture fills venues on the Boulevard and side streets. The local business improvement district provides private security patrols in addition to the normal police presence.Don’t walk alone at night on deserted streets, especially carrying expensive equipment, and stick to well-lighted, well-traveled areas whenever possible. Tens of thousands of young men and women from all over the world have lived and studied in Madrid over the past years and consider it to have been the best time of their lives – we think you will, too.