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José Deluna born in Madrid (Spain), on 7th of July . His musical roots goes from the Spanish Copla and traditional Flamenco to Jazz. He  started to study classical guitar at the age of eigth years old. You can find between his music studies courses with the Master Manolo Sanlucar to specialized jazz courses in London at the MIT (Musicians and Technology)


At the age of 18 years old Deluna decides to travel to London (United Kingdom) to make a step forward in his musical training. There he studied Jazz Harmony, knowledge that Deluna will incorpórate into his own musical language in the upcoming years.


At that time he lived with English musicians from different musical brackgrounds and the intermingling of Flamenco with other music styles starts to produce a huge effect on him.


During  that period of time he started to recieve positive reviews for his music compositions


“An example of polyvalent musician that worry about production details plus musical aspects”

GUITARRIST Specilalized Magazine.


He shows incredible talent for the guitar speech and surprise with rhythm combinations giving to his compositions a really original stamp.

TOTAL GUITAR Specilalized Magazine..


He was 21 when he decides to go back to Spain and continue developing as a professional musician. The harmony used in flamenco music on that years was most of the times “by ear” so he decides to contact with different music style musicians in order to incorpórate the modern harmony knowledge to Flamenco music.


He worked in different musical projects to end up forming his own Flamenco Fusion project called "Aquende", where he mixes the modern harmony used in styles such as jazz and the power of the rhythm used in Flamenco.


Then came a change of direction and Deluna feels the necessity to get deep into flamenco music and starts to study traditional flamenco guitar with some teachers such us Manolo Sanlucar as we said before.  


In the upcoming years Deluna keeps studying the flamenco guitar, but feels that the harmony is so close in traditional flamenco and he starts to work on his own vocabulary and go further in the use of flamenco harmony. Incorporate new harmonies it is not an easy task.



In 2000 besides his numerous concerts José Deluna will work along three years in composing music for ethnic documentaries in New Atlantis, the best company in Spain in this sector. Working with video and audio made him to develop a new perspective more visual of the music so he tries constantly to introduce this concept into his music.


Between 2003/2004 begins the search of his flamenco vocabulary and realese his first álbum called, "Claroscuro".


“Conjuro” is a catchy, rhythmic composition with giddy fragments and extraordinary power.

MARCOS ESCÁNEZ  “Flamenco Hoy” Awards (National Critics Awards)



Based on his this first álbum Deluna design a show “Mundo de Pasiones",  where the listener can enjoy the dancing, singing and flamenco guitar with elegance and  simplicity taking the listener  a journey to the flamenco culture. 







José Deluna

Deluna keeps his relaltion to England and he tried with the international well-known music institute LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) – England. He gets a full time scholarship, but finally he decides not to use it in order to continue an exclusive dedication to the flamenco guitar as he was doing in the last years.


His numerous concerts in small venues with singers and dancers in the Madrid flamenco scene makes him more confidence with the instrument and the “Compás” and in 2004 he starts the first tour around the United States.  


Tres Herencias (2007) was the next álbum and Deluna continues developing his flamenco language, making a reference in the title of the álbum to the three cultures which interact in the history of the Spanish península . Those three cultures were the key of the flamenco develop as we know it nowadays.


Deluna combines the strength of passional flamenco feeling and the finest harmonies of other music styles such us jazz.


“Flavorful fretwork by Jose Deluna brings life to his flamenco guitar, turning it into a suave serenading entity all its own. The skilled Spaniard frames his accurate strums into rich compositions--some upbeat, others melodramatic. His broad range and dedicated discipline has landed him gigs as a session player on both sides of the Atlantic”



In the same year his musical career had an unexpected shift and he started to work with the Spanish international renowned artist Isabel Pantoja.  Along the years Deluna works the Spanish music style “Copla” in a flamenco context and collaborates with other renowned artists such as  Miguel Poveda, Antonio el Pipa, José Soto Sorderita (Ketama), Toñi Salazar (Azúcar Moreno).  Here Deluna Works in the best large venues and theaters along the world such us México, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, United States,  Argentina, Rusia, Israel, Marruecos and  Spain. 


In the upcoming years and on a regular basis Deluna will develop an intense career doing clinics and workshops in countries such as United States, Switzerland and Spain.


He joined the specialized magazine "Acordes de Flamenco" in  2006, and was a columnist the following years beside to collaborate with well known music schools in the jazz scene in Madrid (Spain) such the EMC (Escuela de Música Creativa).


“José Deluna was a key component in the many performances and workshops at the University of Rochester. Both a talented performer and instructor, José Deluna carried himself in a professional, yet personable manner throughout the events and gained the admiration of many students, faculty, and members of the Greater Rochester community”.

UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER New York / Judith Hook (Director)


“Both a talented performer and instructor Mr. José  Deluna  carried himself in a professional, yet personable manner manner throughout the events and gained the admiration of many students, faculty, and members of the greater – Rochester community”.

UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER New York / Judith Hook (Director)


SFGS – In 2010 José Deluna feels the necessity of develope a professional teaching project to solve out the requierments of the flamenco guitar learning. From then on he has been at the forefront of the SFGS (Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society) where he Works on high quality teaching programs covering the main topics on flamenco guitar. Deluna´s  knowledge accumulation and absorptive capabilities will turn into innovation in the way of teaching so far.


In 2014 he continues his works as a session musician in the famous TV talent Show "LA VOZ”. Here Deluna gets in touch with all the talented contestants and rub shoulders with the renowned artists Alejandro Sanz, José Mercé, Antonio Orozco, Malú, David Bisbal, etc...


His involvement in the Spanish flamenco scene during the last two decades opened his eyes to the possibility of mixing flamenco, in daring ways.


So in 2016 get deep into his third album "HispaJazz", an álbum which Deluna will make his heart out to get an extraordinary complex but effective vocabulary, full of musical nuances, chromatics and tensions typical of Jazz. Definitely to incorpórate all these elements and characteristics available to flamenco music, without any hesitation will be a real challenge.


Besides fusing different styles of music, he also worked to create music that would appeal to both traditional flamenco fans and people who liked jazz music.

Along 2016 and 2017 Jose Deluna has been a member of the jury for the International Jazz Contest 7Virtual Jazz Club. He collaborates with some of the top ranked artists in the Jazz scene.

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