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We are proud to announce this new SFGS Editions release “Flamenco Guitar Method 101”. This method is part of a collection of books adapted to the music education system in Spain, and addressed to elementary flamenco guitar students. In these series of books, the authors Jose Deluna (flamenco guitarist) and Pablo Romero Luis (classical guitarist) have collaborated to gather their massive experience in teaching. The main purpose of this first release is to give the right tools for every guitarist who wishes to start in a serious and professional manner. They made the most of working together to get the students satisfaction. This collection of books will be a big step in flamenco guitar teaching for conservatories and professional music schools. In addition to the latter, this method is presented in two languages, Spanish and English and includes scores and audios for every tune. All these tunes have been collected from folklore and traditional Spanish music.

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Copyright: SFGS Editions

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: SFGS Editions

Published: November 11th, 2015

Language: Spanish / English

Pages: 44

Binding: Saddle-stitch Paperback

Interior Ink: Black & white

Weight: 0.45 lbs.

Dimensions (inches):8.5 wide x 11 tall


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This book tackles both theory and practice simultaneously. This will give as a result that the student get faster results in the learning process. Jose Deluna's aim is to concentrate his knowledge and expertise and give to the student only what he needs in a practical and useful way.  Ultimately, this method has become an excellent tool for learning music theory in a way that all flamenco guitarista can handle easily.

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